Service of Process

Once a parent or individual files a petition or motion with the family court, they are responsible for serving the summons on the other parent or party. WeAreParents will execute service of process and ensure that the other parent or party is served in a timely fashion. We will...

​   ▲ Retrieve the summons from client
   ▲ Execute service on other party at place of residence, 
       employer or other location
   ▲ Deliver Affidavit of Service to clerk of court or desired                       location

We proudly execute service of process for...

   ▲ Custodial and Non-Custodial Parents
   ▲ Law firms
   ▲ Government agencies
   ▲ Private Companies

Many parents may not have the flexibility to deliver and file their family court petition during traditional daytime work hours. WeAreParents will retrieve and file your petition with the appropriate clerk of court. Parents and individuals can be assured that their matter is moving forward without interrupting work schedules.
Don't put your family and friends in the middle of your personal matters, 
e-mail us at service@weareparents.org or call 800-852-2161, ext. 5