Practical and Relevant Solutions 

WeAreParents provides practical and relevant solutions to families, community partners and employers. From training payroll professionals on child support income withholding and medical orders to service of process of a family court petition, WeAreParents strengthens families and communities.

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Our Vision

While serving as the Team Lead for the Baltimore City Office of Child Support Enforcement Walk-in Unit, a client came into the office to address a license suspension notice he received. The client shared that the last time he saw his son was more than three years from the time of the office visit. As per the purview of the local child support office, Keino Stephenson, Lead Consultant for WeAreParents, informed the client that the child support office is only responsible for child support and that he would need to contact the family court if he had questions about visitation.

WeAreParents is a Private Child Support and Consulting Agency that is committed to strengthening families and the public and private partners that serve them. WeAreParents provides child support assistance and training, co-parenting assistance and consulting solutions for our public and private partners. Stephenson has worked in the human services arena for more than fourteen years. Stephenson believes it is essential that both parents play a positive and mutual role in the development of a child to foster progressive, productive and responsible young men and women.