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Head Start Institute - Empowering our Parents: A Progressive Approach to Child Support,
Co-Parenting and Social Services

The Office of Head Start - Services Snapshot (2014-2015) summarizes that only 2.8% of Head Start families nationally received child support assistance from Head Start programs. Child Support and public assistance is the primary source of income for many Head Start families. The majority of Head Start parents are either receiving child support, paying child support or may be receiving some type of public assistance.

This Family Service training provides family service workers, managers and parents with the tools they need to assist Head Start families navigate the child support, social services system and family court system. Topics included will be:

  • Brief History of Public Assistance and Child Support
  • Components of Child Support - Who does the parent call?
  • ​What gets documented gets done
  • Family Court System - Child Support and Child Access
  • Documents
  • MORE

​E-mail us at headstartinstitute@weareparents.org so we can tailor an Institute to your program needs and specifications.

​Empowering Our Parents: A Progressive Approach to Child Support and Co-Parenting

This onsite training provides family service staff, managers and parents with the tools they need to guide Head Start families on navigating the child support and family court system. 
Our experienced trainers are Head Start alumni who have worked with Head Starts, staff, Parent Committees and Policy Councils
Our trainers are proud alumni of the Head Start program. Our training programs re specifically geared to 
Head Start programs, staff and parents. E-mail us at headstart@weareparents.org.