Child Support Case Review and Assistance

WeAreParents will review your child support case by requesting access to payment summary screens and information provided by client. If a modification is suggested, WeAreParents will provide Modification of Child Support petition from the Maryland Family Court Website. *No legal advice will be given to clients. The assessment and assistance provided will be in effect for 30 days after the initial application and payment. Any additional services needed will be billed accordingly.

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Joint Custody/Visitation Family Court Documents
WeAreParents will provide custody/visitation petitions and domestic relation documents from the Maryland Family Court WebsiteNo legal advice will be given to clients. WeAreParents simply provides the same direction to documents that is provided by the Clerk of the Family Court. WeAreParents.org will file the petition with the Clerk of the Family Court and serve the summons once it is received from the Clerk of the Family Court.

Co-Parenting Mediation
Mediation allows parents to discuss their concerns and talk through solutions on their terms. Many courts refer parents directly to mediation when a family court petition is filed with the court. WeAreParents will provide a two hour co-parenting mediation to develop a parenting plan for parents. The parenting plan can be entered into record at a potential court proceeding. No legal advice will be given to clients. WeAreParents provides a co-parenting mediation that is facilitated by a court approved mediator pursuant to Maryland Rule 17. There will be additional fees for extended mediation hours, etc.
No legal advice will be given to clients. WeAreParents directs clients to documents that can be found on the Maryland Family Court Website or at the Family Court Clerk. Child Support information is based on the assessment of an experiences child support specialist.