Child Support Training and Consulting

There are many partners that directly and indirectly work with the child support program. These partners include custodial and non-custodial parents, the local child support office, the employer community and private and government agencies that provide services to families and the community.

Employer Training Institutes
​WeAreParents facilitates Employer Training Institutes with the National Employer Compliance Center (NECC) to educate payroll and human resources professionals on the most recent and efficient policies and mandates for complying with state and federal agencies. We even incorporate federal agencies such as the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the state unemployment agency.

Please click here for the National Employer Compliance Center and upcoming Employer Training Institutes.

Parenting Institute
WeAreParents facilitates Parenting Workshops that provide parents with essential tools to navigate the child support system, Department of Social Services (if applicable), the family court system as well as conflict mediation. Our workshops will be tailored to your specific demographic. Please click here for more information.

Headstart Training Institute
WeAreParents facilitates a Headstart Training Institute for Family Service Staff, Managers and persons responsible for training staff on their program database management system.
WeAreParents.org provides customized training solutions for parents, employers, community agencies and more. Call us or e-mail us ate-mail us at consulting@weareparents.org or call 800-852-2161, ext. 5
Greater Baltimore Employer Training Institute